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Our team is experts when it comes to influencer marketing. Creating new ideas and bringing creative skills to the table, your marketing needs are in good hands.


Brandon Pick

Chief Executive Officer

Has seven years experience with working for YouTube Multi-Channel Network’s that includes recruiting, development of networks and talent, and content creation departments. Brandon used analytical intelligence, customer management, communication, and team development as skills in these jobs. Gaining a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, helped Brandon get a better understanding of how to help clients become better at marketing, and grow their outreach. Since founding Right Now Marketing, he has worked with several schools in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area with promotional materials.


Stefan Komlos

Chief Business Development Officer

Stefan has 10 years experience dealing with online communities, digital, social media, and video marketing. He has worked with thousands of creators and various brands to help promote growth and business opportunities.