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Right Now Marketing is a Talent and Influencer Marketing Agency. It is geared around educating, supporting, and helping bridge the marketing gap between influencers and brands in the new media and eSports industries.

 Our Values

To educate, support and bridge the gap between influencers and brands in the new media and eSports industries.

To give the creators and brands the best marketing strategies and tools to make them successful.

To put our clients needs first, your success is our success.

To stay ahead of trends. Our clients will be leaders in their fields.

We believe in integrity and communication. We stand behind our work and keep you involved from day one.

Way back when

In 2015…

In August of 2015, Right Now Marketing, LLC successfully became in LLC in Wisconsin, USA. This was a start of something great. We started doing video production, websites, and advertising for local small businesses in the Milwaukee area. We created a culture surrounding high quality videos and high quality service for our clients. Which is great!
However, in May 2017, Right Now Marketing became the influencer marketing agency you now know and love. With experience in the entertainment, gaming, content creation, curation, aggregation and marketing industries. With personal first hand experience as well as business knowledge in the field, the team has a unique insight into how both influencers and brands operate in the market, and are skilled to bridge the gap, creating profitable gains for all parties involved.

Our Team

Brandon Pick

Founder and CEO

Has seven years experience with working for YouTube Multi Channel Networks that includes recruiting, development of networks and talent, and content creation departments. Brandon used analytical intelligence, customer management, communication, and team development as skills in these jobs. Gaining a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, helped Brandon get a better understanding about how to help clients become better at marketing, and grow their outreach. Since founding Right Now Marketing, he has worked with several schools in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area with promotional materials.

Michael Koziol

Client Relations

Has a strong background in manufacturing, business, and client relations. He has been involved with several start up companies and uses his understanding of process management to standardize and streamline the path to success. Michael has his degree from Marquette University and the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin and Graduated from Maimonides Leadership Fellowship. He prides himself on his ability to create successful client and brand relationships.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in helping out Right Now Marketing as a volunteer please let us know!

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